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Green Sequest is raising awareness about climate issues

Green Sequest is raising awareness about climate issues

The mission of Green Sequest is to remove CO2 from the air and contribute to combating climate change. Therefore, in addition to developing our solutions for Enhanced Weathering of serpentinite-related rocks, we aim to raise awareness about these issues. Thus, we strive to inform the community about the importance of emission reduction and the removal of carbon dioxide that has already been emitted into the atmosphere.

Yesterday, we had an exceptional opportunity to present our mission during a meeting at the Rotary Club Łódź Reymont. During the presentation, we emphasized the necessity of actively removing CO2 from the atmosphere. IPCC reports clearly indicate that mere emission reduction will not be sufficient to achieve the goals related to the temperature rise on our planet.

We thank Sylwester Colonna-Walewski for the invitation and the club members for the warm reception and the very interesting discussion!

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