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Cooperation with rock quarries

Cooperation with rock quarries

Today, we would like to highlight a key aspect of our operations that we discuss less frequently on our website – our cooperation with rock quarries.

We often write here about the use of rock dust in agriculture and our cooperation with farmers. However, at the other end of the value chain, quarries play an equally important role, without which the development of the Enhanced Rock Weathering sector would be impossible.

Quarries, although sometimes met with negative public perception, are an indispensable part of our operations. It is thanks to them that we can produce materials that contribute to sustainable agriculture and combat climate change through ERW.

We want to emphasize that without the activities of quarries, many aspects of modern life and the economy would not be possible. Rock resources from open-pit mines form the foundation of many economic sectors, providing materials essential for building infrastructure, roads, chemical products, supporting agriculture, developing industry, and protecting the environment.

Good cooperation with quarries is the foundation upon which our mission rests. We thank all our partners for their commitment and contribution to creating a better, more sustainable world.

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